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Usually around this time of year, my first thoughts would be dread for the imminent school year. This particular year, however, I'm woebegone not by the thought of homework and teachers but by the impending absence of close friends and high school memories. College is upon us! To preface the inevitable episodes of "good byes" and tears, I'm determined to hang out with all my high school buds as one last chapter for the books. 

I spent last Saturday with the gals whom I met in my first moments in high school: Fion, Kimberly, and Michelle. We decided to venture into Los Angeles and visit the Getty Villa. But first, food. 

Humble Potato

Humble Potato is a hole-in-the-wall kind of food venue, located on the side of the street of Lincoln Boulevard. Thankfully, there is an open parking lot next to the building so finding a spot won't be too much of a problem. The exterior is as cute as the interior! Hand-drawn illustrations don the window panes and the doodles represent the adorableness of the restaurant's concept design. Inside, the walls are decked out with cute figurines of old-school Asian cartoons (Melody, Pikachu, Mario .etc.), as well as street-style decals and a suspended retro-looking bike. It's rather small on the inside, but the tight space gives a cozy feel.

We were one of the first customers to arrive and since it was our first time there, the menu looked daunting. Humble Potato is a fusion food place that wonderfully blends American and Japanese cuisines into a flavorful experience. With that in mind, items on the menu are centralized around burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and rice. Each of us decided to order one from each category.

I ordered the "sandwich" on the bottom left hand corner.
I ordered the "Tamago Sando" which is described as: Egg Sandwich, Cheddar melt, caramelized onion, fried egg, smoked bacon, hash-brown crisp, tomato, HP sauce (avocado optional).

I was a bit surprised by the appearance of the sandwich because it didn't look like a conventional one. The Tamago Sando looks super plain but appearance aside, girl let me tell you: the flavors and textures! Holy moly, the first bite was heavenly as was every other one 'til the end. The combination of the crispy hash-brown, soft glazed buns, sunny-side up eggs with a runny yolk, and moist tomato slices topped off with a savory smoked bacon is so worth the $7.41 and more. The taste was really interesting because I was first hit by the crispy texture of the hash brown, then the warm, liquid-y feel of the yolk subsequently followed by the sponginess of the buns. All flavors are sealed with the crispy, savory bacon strips that just tops off every bite like a cherry on top. Because of the unique taste experience, I would say this burger/sandwich hybrid is, hands-down, the best one I've eaten so far. Gosh, just thinking about it makes me drool incessantly. So delicious.

Though the orders took a good 5-10 minutes to get to our table, the customer service was great and the food was super fresh. The place quickly filled up by the time we finished our meals--and for good reason too. Humble Potato is worth stopping by for their exquisite burger fusions. I really recommend it!

After that enjoyable food adventure, we drove out to the Getty Villa and just drank in the sun, beautiful artifacts, and gorgeous gardens and art.

Getty Villa

bringing sexy back. 

It was such a great day to be promenading around LA and I'm so happy that I was able to spend the day with these girls! Out of all the things seen at the Getty Villa, I think we were all super impressed by how cleanly cut the hedges were, haha. I mean look at those corners and edges! The gardeners did a great job.

But it was also just really relaxing to fall into the world of the past. Something about museums and hushed voices among the exhibits gives a calming ambiance. I'm starting to appreciate history more and more. Seeing things outside of textbooks does wonders.

On our way home! That LA traffic though...
And with that one last selfie, we drove back home. Thanks LA for the sunshine and the great day. 

A blessed girl,

Howdy! I went shopping the other day and thought I'd pop by and post a really quick haul before I head up to NorCal in T-minus two hours.

I don't go swimming much, but the fact that my family and I will be staying at hotels and that the hotels have pools--well, that's incentive enough for me to get a new swimsuit, haha. I think the last time I shopped for one was back in... 7th grade? Clearly, it's time for a change!

The swimsuit was purchased at my local Target, which surprisingly had a rather good selection to choose from. I had scoured the mall prior to shopping at Target and couldn't find much. Can we take a moment and just talk about how all bathing suit tops at the mall (or at least the shops I went into) seem to fit better for girls with reasonably sized bosoms? I could hardly find a top that properly fits a member of the I.B.T.C (Itty Bitty Titty Committee) aka this girl right here. But it's all good because Target got my back (literally)!

The swimsuit gives off a very sporty feel. I think I chose it because I was inspired by all of the Nike and Adidas clothing posts that I follow on social media. I find that whenever I go shopping, rare as it is, I tend to buy versatile things that I know I can use over and over--the basics/classics if you will. This B&W suit seems to fit that criteria well. It's plain, but modest and I find that rather elegant! Simplicity at its finest.

Of course, I also had to drop by the cosmetics section of Target and decided to pick up this lipstick from Wet n' Wild. There's something super therapeutic about roaming aisles filled with makeup. It feels almost like being in a sanctuary, getting away from the rest of the world and immersing myself into Cosmetics Paradise, haha. But stay too long and I might just find myself stuck in Ogygia. No, Calypso, no! Ahem, anyways.

I have quite a collection of Wet n' Wild lipsticks. They are ridiculously inexpensive and provide such opaque pigmentation! It's actually quite synonymous to a crayon--what you see is what you get. That's how on point the colors are. They are, however, quite drying (due to the matte texture) and need a well moisturized base to apply on to. Their lasting power is also commendable and I really appreciate this lipstick line!

This shade (24 Carrot Gold) is a tad more red in the photos than it is in real life. It's more of a slightly fluorescent orange-y, coral color (heavy on the orange). Super pretty! I'm super elated about this lipstick and find this fun, light color to be the perfect summer lip. In an upcoming post, I might do a lipstick collection and post swatches then. 

So that's it for my tiny haul! Now, I'm loading our bags into the SUV and getting ready to buckle up for a 7-hour drive. I've never been to the bay area before and I'm super excited. See you guys soon!

What items have you bought/rediscovered recently that you've been loving? 

xoxo, Evon
The first month into summer has flown by and these products have greatly aided me in breaking into initial days of intense heat waves and outdoor adventures. In fact, this is basically my survival kit to a happy, summer face!

Anthelios 45 Ultra-light Sunscreen Fluid | When I was in my tween stage, my skin was so terribly dry and flaky - to apply a liquid, matte-finish sunscreen on my face would be a disaster. Nowadays, my skin gets quite oily (especially in the heat) and this product is perfect for my face. Made by La Roche-Posay, this sunscreen applies on as a liquid with a viscosity of a watery oil and dries matte. I apply this immediately after cleansing and drying off my face and my skin gratefully drinks it up. I double it up as a moisturizer and it works wonderfully to lock in moisture and protect my skin with its SPF 45 UVA and UVB filters. It does have a slight smell and applies on white, but both aren't too much of a problem since it does dry clear.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Healing | I don't think I've enjoyed and appreciated a lip balm as much as I have this one. Sure, it's just basic petroleum jelly but it's fantastic in this type of packaging. I've always used Vaseline out of the large tubs, religiously applying it every night. Thinking that to be too much of hassle for me, my mom decided to buy me this balm for easier application. It's convenient, portable, and, well, simple! Thanks, mom.

Wet 'n Wild Fergie "Take On the Day" Eye Shadow Primer | I've searched long and far for a drugstore primer that will live up to its name and successfully prevent creasing on my oily lids (which other primers fail to do). After much makeupalley research, I decided to settle on this inexpensive find. It definitely primes my lids well and greatly decreases eye shadow creasing in my monolids. I do find the occasional creasing resting beneath the fold of my eyelid, but it usually occurs with a combination of a cream shadow or a 12+ hours day. Especially near the end of the year, I attended many events that had me donning a made-up face. This primer has does its job well enough for my thumbs-up!

E.L.F Studio Eyebrow Kit in "Dark" | Brows really are the frame to your face. Only recently did I understand why so many people place emphasis on this facial feature. Now, I almost can't go out without drawing on my brows. This is my first official "eyebrow kit" and it works rather well (at least better than using an eye shadow... haha). I use the darkest option (it's brown based for all the palette options) and appreciate how it comes with a two-sided brush and mirror for application. The E.L.F Studio Line packaging is also sturdy and sophisticated-looking.

Eye Glasses | Remember the last time I got new glasses? Well, that pair broke on me last Christmas, and I had to revert back to the ones I started with 3 years ago. It's time for a change and these spectacles are a little more "grown-up" and better built. Its frames are made from a brown-tinted metal and sport a slight brow line glasses look. I was actually looking for tortoise shell, browline glasses but Costco doesn't offer ones that I was looking for. Nevertheless, it's nice to have new eyesight!

What are your June Favorites?
Now that I don't have any school to occupy my time, I spend most of my days on social media and browsing the interwebs. In addition to visiting the usual platforms (instagram, facebook, youtube .etc.), I've added another to my list: Soundcloud.


This audio hub didn't interest at me first. I think that I just couldn't find much through the way the website categorizes its genres. It wasn't until a friend introduced me to a crowd of underground musicians/creators that I really began exploring. Now, I don't go a day without opening this app up on my phone and playing music. My music well has been so dry ever since senior year started. Ironic as it is, I wrote for the music blog on my school newspaper yet didn't really listen to much music (school saps time). I'm happy that I've been reviving this music passion! If you'd like to explore my soundcloud, you can locate me at: Acoustic Doodles.

Besides music, I've also been watching a korean drama and am on the last episode! Named "My Lovely Girl," this soap opera focuses on a love story between the president of an entertainment company (Rain) and an aspiring songwriter (Krystal of f(x)). After a freak car accident that takes the life of his girlfriend, the president finds her younger sister and helps her with her songwriter career. 

One of the things I really like about this drama is the characters. I related to the problems they faced and liked how realistic and human they portrayed them to be. For once, I felt like these could be real people, especially the songwriter, Se-na, played by Krystal. There were reviews that bashed Krystal's portrayal of Se-na, commenting that her expressions were deadpan and her personality boring. I disagree. I'm tired of watching main girl roles be sickeningly sweet and overly cutesy. This change of maturity and reservedness had me respecting and liking this character with each episode. The president, Hyun-Wook, played by Rain, was a great character too. Rain's acting was the best among the cast and his scenes were the only ones that had me crying. However, this drama isn't all fabulous, At most, I would rate this show a 7/10 stars. It's not the most exciting thing ever and I found myself begrudgingly trudging along and not really focusing on the plot. Thankfully, the show is only 16 episodes long and that's the only thing that had me going to the end. I will update my thoughts about the last episode when I finish!


I've been on more food adventures this past month than I've been on the past five combined. It's a shame I didn't document these yummy escapades but to share one: I enjoyed some fine Japanese cuisine with my favorite people, Victoria and Mr. List, after an unexpected disappointment that you can read about here. Surprisingly, the food there was pretty good and was given in a good amount. If you're reading this, thank you so much Mr. List for the treat! ☺

Something I have been enjoying is, of course, ice cream! Currently, my favorite flavor from the Dreyers line is the Drumstick inspired one. It is divine. It's a vanilla ice cream that's got chocolate swirls in it, which makes the vanilla not too potent and at the appropriate level of sweetness. Inside the ice cream are chunks of wafer-like bits and chocolate covered peanuts. Man, is it good. This is one of the only ice creams with chewy additions that I will happily devour and could, possibly, finish in one sitting. Ice cream is a dangerous territory...


Speaking of ice cream, I'm getting serious about my weight and getting toned. Besides chowing on my favorite vegetables, brocolli and cucumbers (yum), I've been trying out this 30-day yoga challenge which is super relaxing and really great for beginners like me. I've been wanting to get into Pilates and/or yoga for some time. Blogilates is a goal but still a difficult for me so I'm just slowly easing into it. If you want to try it out, the video linked is Day 1 of the challenge. Let's get rid of stress, flab, and negative energy together! Woo!


I've also been reading a bunch lately and I enjoy the "Ivy Series" written by Lauren Kunze. The series revolves around Callie Andrews, the main character who, upon her arrival on move-in day, falls into a storm of drama, gossip, and popularity within the social caste of Harvard undergraduates. From then on, Callie and her roommates party it up while surviving the brutal atmosphere and onslaughts of bitchiness and boy problems. 

If it sounds super tacky and totally teenager novel-esque to you, well, it is. I always gravitate towards the teen section at my local library and secretly find guilty pleasure in reading these kinds of books (hehe). Woops, not so secret anymore. Tackiness aside, I do plan to start checking out more nonfiction and contemporary novels though. I'm not all bad taste in books, I promise! Haha.

So that's all in my very chill life favorites. What're your favorite reads, foods, and media? 

Happy July! Second day of the month and I'm kicking it off with a relaxing hangout with my dear friend, Victoria. It's been a very chill week with not too much happening. Considering the last involved a lot of doctor appointments and time out of the house, this week serves as a nice break.

As of late, the weather has been heating up like an oven. We took advantage of the heat to try out smoothies at our local mom-n-pop shop called Julie's Café. I've visited the café before and really appreciated their sandwiches! So delicious - a tasty medley of fresh avocadoes, juicy tomatoes, and thinly sliced turkey meat, all encased by crispy bread of your choice. My description doesn't do much justice... I make it sound like a typical sandwich, but believe me, it was quite tasty! This time though, I set out to try out my first kale smoothie ever. It seems like a while back, kale smoothies were raved about for its tastiness and supposed healthiness. I came by a little late, but hey, here's to another check off of my bucket list!

Victoria ordered a yummy bagel concoction doused with cream cheese, avocadoes, and tomatoes, and topped it off with strawberry smoothie that tasted more strongly of bananas than strawberries (hmm...). It was actually really nice that we ate here. The last time we decided to meet up at this café, it was surprisingly closed and boy, were we bummed.

It's become one of my favorite places. Something about the atmosphere, how close it is, and the food - gosh, the food. I'm a big fan of carbohydrates - refined, to be exact. All forms of bread, noodles, rice, and whatnot, are my favorite things to consume. That would explain why I deemed Panera my favorite restaurant after my first time there. Julie's Café takes the cake now! I raved to my dad about how yummy the sandwiches are and he was indifferent, replying with,"sandwiches are all the same." An interesting statement. I shall run a test to debunk his argument by trying all kinds of sandwiches now... (hehe).

The café closed after three, so we found refuge at Starbucks and had a good catching-up. Being a homebody is nice, but going out and interacting in person is even better. Also, just for documentary purposes, I tried my first bag of Haribo Gummy Bears. My sweet tooth is satisfied.

Besides all the food news, I've been quite fatigued lately. Hot weather just calls for instant lethargy
and laziness. I'm still on the hunt for a job and recently picked up my guitar again. I've been thinking about going back to YouTube, either for vlogging or posting covers. It's still tentative. The song I've been practicing is Ariana Grande's "One Last Time." So catchy, man. I enjoyed the music video too - it kind of reminded me of a FPS RPG game. Artsy stuff intrigues me.

I'm actually surprised that I could write that much out of a few hours out of the house. Nothing too special going on, just a hermit experiencing the wildlife haha. The summer is 1/3 through and I'm just taking it day by day. Writing about little happenings on here is a nice way to keep myself in check. Until my next adventure outdoors, I'll keep you updated!

A content and tired homebody,
Where did June go? In fact, where did senior year go?

Hello again! It's been so long since I last stopped by and wrote a blog post (or even participated in the blogging world for that matter). This seems like an appropriate time to update you on how my life has been rolling and what's been up and at 'em in the life of Evon. Here we go!

It's been a month since I graduated from high school! What a weird thing, addressing myself as a college student. I'm a big kid now - look ma, no hands! Honestly though, I'm not sure how to feel. There isn't the whole antsy anticipation and exhilaration that has got me riled up for this new chapter of my life, unlike how some of my peers report. Rather, I feel like I'm residing in some sort of weird limbo: feeling slightly confused and out-of-place. Literally, I guess saying that wouldn't be incorrect. However, it is the middle of the summer, so whatever I'm feeling right now is a normal, awkward thing to experience in a transition period. By the time the school year rolls around, I hope these strange feelings will be replaced by excitement and a go-getter attitude. Time shall tell!

For those who were wondering, senior year was the busiest (and most stressful) year, yet. It was the first time I handled multiple officer positions in clubs, applied for college, had a part-time job, and had AP classes all in one combination. Everything now is a blur... but I reminisce memories made and appreciate the slip-ups and successes I've undergone the past year. It's also the first school year that I started driving! Overall, senior year was great and a super self-revelation-inducing-year.

Fun fact: Purple used to be my least favorite color. Now, I don't dislike it as much. Maybe I'm getting soft...

Besides high school and graduation, I've been pretty dandy lately! Amisdt going out with friends, finding a summer job, playing LoL, watching korean dramas (currently watching "My Lovely Girl"), and spending quality time with family, I'm simply enjoying (or attempting to survive in) the hot weather and relaxing about. Why not spend some time to update the looks and content of the blog along with that?

I've mentioned this before, but I have owned multiple blogs prior to this one. When I started Evon's Choice, I had a set goal in mind: to focus on a theme and stick with it. It lasted for a while, I suppose. But like my YouTube Channel (circa 2009), beauty posts on this blog ceased to exist. It isn't that I've grown out of cosmetics necessarily. True, I still use it, however, sparingly so (save for special events). But I much prefer walking around with a naked face than a made up one. Rather, aesthetic elements simply just aren't what I want to solely center myself around.

It could also be that I find the most comfort and ease in dishing out personal thoughts and opinions in a diary-like entry as a blog post instead of criticizing a product. It's actually quite therapeutic. So, what's the current theme then?

I'm still not so sure.

What I do know is that there are going to be more blog posts in the future. I'll be posting a lot more personal updates and "conversations" from here on out. That's not to say that I won't be posting any beauty reviews or fashion posts - I'll still throw some of them into the mix! It's just that my main focus is documenting my life and creating a more personal vibe here on my blog. Ooo, I'm excited ☺

So that's it for now! I feel like this update was very serious, haha. But it's only the beginning. Huzzah to my first post of 2015! It took me a while, but I'm here now. Thanks for reading and getting to know me and my rambles better. See you next time.

Happy end of June, beginning of a hot-hot-HOT summer, and upcoming Independence Day!

Signing out,