By Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First post of this blog's existence - whoo!

It's pretty nerve-wracking, I've got to admit. It's all so raw and new and I feel a bit of pressure to make sure each blog post has some quality to it. But with newness comes a kind of thrill, like the adrenaline that courses through your veins after riding roller coasters. Very exciting.

So, how are you doing? Lately, I've been feeling rather well - the school coursework has been manageable and I've been completing my homework quite early (big bonus for this princess procrastinator right here). I wish I could go out and do more though, life has become really routine lately and any switch-up or sudden buhbang can really bring some flavor to mundane happenings.

Do you like the blog so far? (Don't answer that, rhetorical question ahah) I'm working out loads of kinks and I really want to get into the whole HTML deal so I can make it look good, you know what I mean? But that's a lot of time investment and frankly I don't have much time to invest into programming as of now. Hmm... it just seems so bland and boring. But you can argue that the simplicity is infact opposite of boring, especially when you have the almighty power of bolding words and italisizing them, or -wait!- even better; doing both. Whew, getting a little too excited over here. *wipes away sweat drops from browline* Abort this fanciness, abort! I have to save fancy formatting for future special posts, can't spend it all here in the first one. In all seriousness though, I'm really hoping I can go somewhere with this blog. I've maintained numerous blogs in the past but they're all very diary-like and don't have much of a main focus/topic. 2014 is a year for change and I'm jumping on it!

I'm thinking of guiding my posts through personal lifestyle (tons of it actually), beauty-related content, and odd bits of musings that might hit me now and then. It's all a blurry blueprint - of course I'll most likely just ride along with the flow. That seems easiest and most natural. I need to look into taking more photos with my camera too. Nowadays everyone is so visual and it'd be nicer to have some pictures to glance at among my unorganized thoughts ahah. Must look into more blogs...

And this brings me to the resolution of the first post. Hopefully I didn't bore you (I probably did, sorry about that!) but thanks for sticking around! More posts to come... until then, I will be exploring multiple blogs to expand my horizons. Salutations!


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