Breather: Paradis - Hémisphère

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French is fancy.

Flourishes, flamboyance embellish
frolicking through
he materializes.
where consonants take measure
to begin each utter 
each breathe.
Rolls every thread of words,
string of letters,
inch of wool
into an 
elegant spool.
Richness, to the brink of wealth
envelopes, embraces, entrances;
his timbre rides the wind
takes steady flight
breezing along in streams
From the cavities of our minds
we extract a visionary.

Oui, Oui!
We digress
We stress
In our best knowledge
this we must know

Take one of my breather series commences - a bit tacky? Possibly. Not always poems, mostly 
strings of thoughts that ride along and flow into whichever form they desire to take on. This could be strange
but the series basically calls for a "breather" in which I take inspiration from any miscellaneous subject I find
 interesting and spin on it. A little break here and there prolongs shelf life. I decided to digest this ethereal
song called Hémisphère by Paradis (fancy accents) and here's my output.

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