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I switch out my face washes constantly and have had my fair share of ups and downs with cleansers. So a month ago, when I ran out of my Neutrogena cleanser (an unlucky pick), I picked up these two tubes from Clean&Clear (my first product from this line). Here are my two-cents:

Brand: Clean&Clear
Lower Left: Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub
Upper Right: Deep Action Cream Cleanser
Prices for both: $9.99

Deep Action Cream Cleanser
Consistency: The formula of this cleanser is gentle enough for daily use (morning and night), and comes out in almost a cream cheese consistency - it's thick and slightly mousse-like, but is definitely creamy.
Smell: It has a minty, refreshing, and clean scent which is pretty poignant.
Comments: I liked my first impression and after using it for a month, I still enjoy using it. It's especially nice on oily/sensitive skin combinations; if you have dry skin, this product might irritate you. After about a minute in of rubbing it in my skin, I can feel the minty cool tingle that it advertises - and it's a pleasant tingle. And after rinsing off the product and wiping my face clean, my skin feels very clean and refreshed. I do notice that it slightly combats my oiliness (especially in my T-zone), but if i overuse the product, dry flakes start to appear. 

Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub
Consistency: The formula of this cleanser is gentle enough for weekly usage (once to thrice a week), and comes out in almost a gel-like consistency filled with white and blue micro-beads of varying sizes. The beads are there for exfoliating purposes, and they maintain their form - not dissolving even after a long scrub.
Smell: It has a fresh, clean and slightly sweet scent.
Comments: I switch off using this product with the Deep Action Cream Cleanser, and I really like this one as well. I use the scrub quite frequently - around twice to four times a week, but that's because my skin "sheds" skin so easily. The tingle sensation hits home more with this product and the effect is instantaneous; like with the cream cleanser, my skin feels very refreshed after using it. Because they're from the same line, the experience with both are very similar, the only difference would be the consistencies of both.

First review! Hopefully this helps you out somewhat, if you're browsing around to see if any face products there are to try out. These products aren't fairly new, they've been around for a while.

***UPDATE (3/16/14): After about a month and a half of using these products on a daily basis, I do notice that my skin feels dry and flaky around an hour after I wash my face. The chemicals are strong with this one. It could be that I need a creamier moisturizer (currently using Clinique's Daily Moisturing Gel) but i still notice that my skin feels tight and patchy-dry - and the skin shedding problem intensifies. My acne is kept at a stalemate position. (i don't notice it improving or worsening).

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