New Glasses + Jacket!

By Saturday, February 01, 2014

It's February (my favorite month!) and I'm pretty pumped for these upcoming 28 days! Woot! Hopefully I can upload my January Favorites in a few, but no guarantees because... I'm inexplicably human. ☺
For my first installment of weekly updates I've got new apparel for myself (yipyipyah!) Though it's only two personal items, I'm excited because they represent who I am as a person.

With a new month/year comes new vision (literally). I've worn glasses since the third grade and have quite a collection now - titanium wire frames to plastic rims. As years passed, my eyesight worsened but it's come to stabilize since then. Never have I worn a pair of contacts, but I'd like to; it seems really convenient and less bothersome than having a few ounces weighed upon the face. But I'm not complaining because honestly, glasses are cute accessories and I always get thrilled about receiving new pairs. I eyed ombre styled frames for a while - frames that start dark in color at the top and gradiate to a lighter hue near the ends - and I'm stoked to have luckily found these ones at Costco:

Brand: Bulova
Model: Brown/Clear
Price: $49.99

My old frames were battered up and dark. The new ones add a sprinkle of feminine and girly - and it's easier to pull off a no-makeup face with these ones (it's pretty much easier to go all natural with any glasses since they cover up half of you face anyways haha). However cute they may look, I do find that the nose bridge rests are just plastic (part of the frames itself instead of individual rubber ones) and since my nose bridge is a bit flat, the lens are close in proximity to my eyes. When I push them up, I have mini-collisions with the frames. I'm still adjusting haha. 

Besides having clearer sights, I also recently obtained my chamber choir jacket (YES!). This is my first year in choir (fun factoid: I like singing) and we've been waiting for our jackets to arrive since first semester -they've finally come! The jacket itself was pretty pricey, around $50 (yikes!) but I'm hoping it'll last a while. Best thing about it? My name and section. It's so official - super duper nice. And it feels exclusive, like I'm some part of an elite club. I enjoy this.

Anyhow, those are the highlights of my week other than starting this blog and finishing the majority of my homework before midnight. Yay for new things and a new month! I love February; it's chock full of goodness. My birthday, Valentines day, shortest day count, leap year, and a pretty sounding name - what's not to like about it? 

Thanks for stopping by ♥

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  1. The new glasses are sooo hipster! I love it!
    Currently following you :)

    1. Ahah I love them too!
      Thank you so much! ^^ ♥