LA Times, Cake, + Greens

By Saturday, February 08, 2014

Hello hello!

It's been a week, my goodness! Time passes like no other. I told myself I would post more in the following days but I haven't found spare time or any sense of relief, at least enough to do so. But I did promise weekly updates, so here's my week breakdown:

First off, I'd like to thank my first blog follower: Andi! Thanks so much for taking the time to show even the slightest interest in this beginner blog ^^ I really appreciate it ☺

Secondly, this week was actually quite eventful - in many good and few bad ways. Other than enduring sleeping at 1 a.m every day of the week and having to push myself through 4 difficult tests on Friday, I enjoyed the past 7 days very much as shown below.

Monday: Feb 3, spent the day as the first 24 hours of being seventeen-years-old! I experienced my very first macaroon (that yellow thing I'm proudly holding up next to my beaming face), which was in fact very sweet and tastes like candy - yum! I also received goodies from my beloved friends whom I can't thank enough and cherish so much (Victoria, Samantha, Alvin, Kevin, Shawn, Fion, Brian, Janica .etc.). I love you guys! And to top off my birthday, I enjoyed my first delicacy from 85 degrees bakery: a mango mousse cake - so delicious and so satisfying ♥

Thursday: Feb 6, very very relaxing day! Had no tests to worry about and each class was a free period. Also super exciting: I got to miss my 5th and 6th period and travel to LA to visit and tour the LA Times Headquarters! It's basically a neatly cluttered place filled with aged folk - but it's pretty rad. It's actually very quiet in the numerous floors of the large building - cubicles fill the work space. I went with my Journalism class (which you can also thank for the birth of this blog) and we got the lucky chance to tune into a meeting with the music editors! I can't really imagine myself working at a desk on a daily basis, but it was really inspiring and awe-some to observe and see the many accomplishments and history of journalists of the Times. I'd like to visit again someday. 

Friday: Feb 7, had four tests today (History, Journalism, Math, & Chem) terrible terrible academic experience. But I did go home and relax afterwards. Ahhh, the bliss of Friday afternoons.

Saturday: Feb 8, watched Now You See Me - I've been wanting to see this movie ever since its trailer released early Feb of last year. Finally got around to watching it and - ohmygosh - it was so worth the wait! It was intense with so many plot twists that can really mess with your mind. I loved it - and so did my dad ahah. I also drank my first cup of green tea, which is also something I've been wanting to drink for a while. Wow, today was a day of carpe diem. I did also carry out a lot of mundane chores - clean the bathroom, kitchen floor, my room, laundry .etc. But it is very therapeutic, as blogging is, all the while. 

So that's my week happenings. How was your week? Hopefully it was eventful and filled with blessings as mine was. I'm planning a list of blogposts (beauty-related; finally!) that I hope I can post up soon! 

Thanks for sticking around! ♥

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