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I'm back again to review yet another lip balm classic: Nivea's A Kiss of Smoothness - hydrating lip care SPF 15! I recently picked this stick up around the time that I got the EOS Sphere Lip Balm (review here) for the same price as the EOS and finally found time to test trial it and formulate an opinion about this little dude - care to listen? Keep reading! ☺
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Price:  ~ $2.99

Consistency: Very soft and smooth but holds as a firm bar of lip balm. Glides on so splendidly and easily, leaving a buttery smooth finish on the lips - super easy to apply and slick on. After applying, the lips are coated with a Vaseline-like layer of lipbalm and feel moisturized and soft.
Packaging: The packaging (as seen in images above) holds true to the visuals. The cap is a long one that "clicks" on and off onto the actual stick. The product is able to be twisted in and out of the tube. Packaging is very comparable to Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balm line.
Smell: Has a very slight tangy, sweet and fresh scent. It can smell a little like seriously downplayed Starbursts (to me at least haha) and has a pleasant fragrance that is strong in the tube but doesn't transfer after applied to the lips.
Long wear: Lasts up to an hour at most.
** Has no taste, nor color
Comments: Initially, as many other reviewers comment on, the lip balm is just awesome - the application is a dream and the smell/packaging/consistency all work together to create a possible holy grail product for lip balm lovers alike. But, and that is a big but, time really tells how great a product can be. This lip balm underwent a test that all beauty products must fight through to obtain the big A+ or crushing C to D+. There is no between. And with Nivea's A Kiss of Smoothness, it almost failed to pass - coming out with a B- average. Why? This lip balm provided my lips moisture heaven the first 30 minutes after application; 30 more minutes later, my lips were dry, tight, and felt as if I neglected moisturizing them for a whole day - not very pleasant. This is a constant phase that cycles throughout the day; no matter how much or many times I apply it, the moisture is extremely temporary. I'm not sure if it has to do with external forces (I live in Cali where the atmosphere can be drying) but I'm not liking this. Aside from the long-wear factor, my personal experience also entailed an "allergic reaction". I say this with some hesitation because it might not be the lip balm itself, but shortly after I started using this product, I received a reaction that mirrors my allergy reflexes: hives on the lips. I've experienced this with the Burt's Bees Lipbalms before so there might be an ingredient in this one that triggered the same effect. This lip balm now resides in my "Emergency Kit" for my school bag meaning, if i ever forget to pocket a lip balm on the way out the door, I can rely on this backup. I might not repurchase this same model, but I will try out the different versions (I've heard good things about them too).

Great application - so smooth
Smells clean and sweet
hygienic packaging
Decent price 
Catering in many stores (Target, Walgreens, Walmart .etc.)
Has SPF 15

Lasts for barely an hour
Leaves lips dry + tight after fades away

The lip balm is a lip balm haha. It's pretty much an oldie in the beauty world and I'm kind of late (umm.. kind of) to throw in my cents into the wishing well. Nevertheless, I hope you got something out of this and hope it helped you in your endeavors of lip balm collecting! 

What are your thoughts on this lip balm? What other Nivea lip products do you enjoy?

Thank you loads for reading ♥

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  1. I love my Nivea lip balm! It's my go-to for school because I can easily store it in my purse, and I would also recommend their lip butters. I really like your new layout :)


    1. Thanks Emily! :) Change is always refreshing ahah
      I have the Nivea lip butter in Vanilla and Macadamia Nuts, which smells super yummy and works so well with my lips ^^ I want to get more!

  2. wow that sucks to hear i heard so many good things about the nivea lip balm :O

    1. Me too! I guess products vary in their results with different skin types haha