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Where did June go? In fact, where did senior year go?

Hello again! It's been so long since I last stopped by and wrote a blog post (or even participated in the blogging world for that matter). This seems like an appropriate time to update you on how my life has been rolling and what's been up and at 'em in the life of Evon. Here we go!

It's been a month since I graduated from high school! What a weird thing, addressing myself as a college student. I'm a big kid now - look ma, no hands! Honestly though, I'm not sure how to feel. There isn't the whole antsy anticipation and exhilaration that has got me riled up for this new chapter of my life, unlike how some of my peers report. Rather, I feel like I'm residing in some sort of weird limbo: feeling slightly confused and out-of-place. Literally, I guess saying that wouldn't be incorrect. However, it is the middle of the summer, so whatever I'm feeling right now is a normal, awkward thing to experience in a transition period. By the time the school year rolls around, I hope these strange feelings will be replaced by excitement and a go-getter attitude. Time shall tell!

For those who were wondering, senior year was the busiest (and most stressful) year, yet. It was the first time I handled multiple officer positions in clubs, applied for college, had a part-time job, and had AP classes all in one combination. Everything now is a blur... but I reminisce memories made and appreciate the slip-ups and successes I've undergone the past year. It's also the first school year that I started driving! Overall, senior year was great and a super self-revelation-inducing-year.

Fun fact: Purple used to be my least favorite color. Now, I don't dislike it as much. Maybe I'm getting soft...

Besides high school and graduation, I've been pretty dandy lately! Amisdt going out with friends, finding a summer job, playing LoL, watching korean dramas (currently watching "My Lovely Girl"), and spending quality time with family, I'm simply enjoying (or attempting to survive in) the hot weather and relaxing about. Why not spend some time to update the looks and content of the blog along with that?

I've mentioned this before, but I have owned multiple blogs prior to this one. When I started Evon's Choice, I had a set goal in mind: to focus on a theme and stick with it. It lasted for a while, I suppose. But like my YouTube Channel (circa 2009), beauty posts on this blog ceased to exist. It isn't that I've grown out of cosmetics necessarily. True, I still use it, however, sparingly so (save for special events). But I much prefer walking around with a naked face than a made up one. Rather, aesthetic elements simply just aren't what I want to solely center myself around.

It could also be that I find the most comfort and ease in dishing out personal thoughts and opinions in a diary-like entry as a blog post instead of criticizing a product. It's actually quite therapeutic. So, what's the current theme then?

I'm still not so sure.

What I do know is that there are going to be more blog posts in the future. I'll be posting a lot more personal updates and "conversations" from here on out. That's not to say that I won't be posting any beauty reviews or fashion posts - I'll still throw some of them into the mix! It's just that my main focus is documenting my life and creating a more personal vibe here on my blog. Ooo, I'm excited ☺

So that's it for now! I feel like this update was very serious, haha. But it's only the beginning. Huzzah to my first post of 2015! It took me a while, but I'm here now. Thanks for reading and getting to know me and my rambles better. See you next time.

Happy end of June, beginning of a hot-hot-HOT summer, and upcoming Independence Day!

Signing out,

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  1. Hurray Evon is back!! I'm so glad I'll be able to keep up with you this way when we're in college :) My summer has included lots of Korean dramas as well, haha!


    1. Yay!! I'm pumped to get back and into the grind. I forgot how much fun blogging is haha. Riiiight, aren't korean dramas just so addicting? Thanks Emily! ♥

  2. I feel like I graduated so late compared to everyone (end of June!). We didn't wear any caps or gowns so I wonder if that's an American thing?? Sounds like you have good things planned for blogging!

    1. Whoa! End of June? That is pretty late. Does that mean that you guys started school later (some time in September)? I'm actually not really sure about the caps and gowns thing, I guess I always took this custom for granted haha. Yup, I'm ready to get back and at 'em for blogging. Thanks, Ling!

      Congrats on graduating! Woohoo, go class of 2015! :)

  3. Yeah, we started in September for high school. I guess I'll have to wait until uni for gowns and caps :P