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Happy July! Second day of the month and I'm kicking it off with a relaxing hangout with my dear friend, Victoria. It's been a very chill week with not too much happening. Considering the last involved a lot of doctor appointments and time out of the house, this week serves as a nice break.

As of late, the weather has been heating up like an oven. We took advantage of the heat to try out smoothies at our local mom-n-pop shop called Julie's Café. I've visited the café before and really appreciated their sandwiches! So delicious - a tasty medley of fresh avocadoes, juicy tomatoes, and thinly sliced turkey meat, all encased by crispy bread of your choice. My description doesn't do much justice... I make it sound like a typical sandwich, but believe me, it was quite tasty! This time though, I set out to try out my first kale smoothie ever. It seems like a while back, kale smoothies were raved about for its tastiness and supposed healthiness. I came by a little late, but hey, here's to another check off of my bucket list!

Victoria ordered a yummy bagel concoction doused with cream cheese, avocadoes, and tomatoes, and topped it off with strawberry smoothie that tasted more strongly of bananas than strawberries (hmm...). It was actually really nice that we ate here. The last time we decided to meet up at this café, it was surprisingly closed and boy, were we bummed.

It's become one of my favorite places. Something about the atmosphere, how close it is, and the food - gosh, the food. I'm a big fan of carbohydrates - refined, to be exact. All forms of bread, noodles, rice, and whatnot, are my favorite things to consume. That would explain why I deemed Panera my favorite restaurant after my first time there. Julie's Café takes the cake now! I raved to my dad about how yummy the sandwiches are and he was indifferent, replying with,"sandwiches are all the same." An interesting statement. I shall run a test to debunk his argument by trying all kinds of sandwiches now... (hehe).

The café closed after three, so we found refuge at Starbucks and had a good catching-up. Being a homebody is nice, but going out and interacting in person is even better. Also, just for documentary purposes, I tried my first bag of Haribo Gummy Bears. My sweet tooth is satisfied.

Besides all the food news, I've been quite fatigued lately. Hot weather just calls for instant lethargy
and laziness. I'm still on the hunt for a job and recently picked up my guitar again. I've been thinking about going back to YouTube, either for vlogging or posting covers. It's still tentative. The song I've been practicing is Ariana Grande's "One Last Time." So catchy, man. I enjoyed the music video too - it kind of reminded me of a FPS RPG game. Artsy stuff intrigues me.

I'm actually surprised that I could write that much out of a few hours out of the house. Nothing too special going on, just a hermit experiencing the wildlife haha. The summer is 1/3 through and I'm just taking it day by day. Writing about little happenings on here is a nice way to keep myself in check. Until my next adventure outdoors, I'll keep you updated!

A content and tired homebody,

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  1. Pleaseeee go back to Youtube!! I need to hear your beautiful covers again :)


    1. Gahhh Emily, you are too kind to me! I don't know about the covers being "beautiful" though... haha. Maybe, maybe! :)