June Favorites (life edition)

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Now that I don't have any school to occupy my time, I spend most of my days on social media and browsing the interwebs. In addition to visiting the usual platforms (instagram, facebook, youtube .etc.), I've added another to my list: Soundcloud.


This audio hub didn't interest at me first. I think that I just couldn't find much through the way the website categorizes its genres. It wasn't until a friend introduced me to a crowd of underground musicians/creators that I really began exploring. Now, I don't go a day without opening this app up on my phone and playing music. My music well has been so dry ever since senior year started. Ironic as it is, I wrote for the music blog on my school newspaper yet didn't really listen to much music (school saps time). I'm happy that I've been reviving this music passion! If you'd like to explore my soundcloud, you can locate me at: Acoustic Doodles.

Besides music, I've also been watching a korean drama and am on the last episode! Named "My Lovely Girl," this soap opera focuses on a love story between the president of an entertainment company (Rain) and an aspiring songwriter (Krystal of f(x)). After a freak car accident that takes the life of his girlfriend, the president finds her younger sister and helps her with her songwriter career. 

One of the things I really like about this drama is the characters. I related to the problems they faced and liked how realistic and human they portrayed them to be. For once, I felt like these could be real people, especially the songwriter, Se-na, played by Krystal. There were reviews that bashed Krystal's portrayal of Se-na, commenting that her expressions were deadpan and her personality boring. I disagree. I'm tired of watching main girl roles be sickeningly sweet and overly cutesy. This change of maturity and reservedness had me respecting and liking this character with each episode. The president, Hyun-Wook, played by Rain, was a great character too. Rain's acting was the best among the cast and his scenes were the only ones that had me crying. However, this drama isn't all fabulous, At most, I would rate this show a 7/10 stars. It's not the most exciting thing ever and I found myself begrudgingly trudging along and not really focusing on the plot. Thankfully, the show is only 16 episodes long and that's the only thing that had me going to the end. I will update my thoughts about the last episode when I finish!


I've been on more food adventures this past month than I've been on the past five combined. It's a shame I didn't document these yummy escapades but to share one: I enjoyed some fine Japanese cuisine with my favorite people, Victoria and Mr. List, after an unexpected disappointment that you can read about here. Surprisingly, the food there was pretty good and was given in a good amount. If you're reading this, thank you so much Mr. List for the treat! ☺

Something I have been enjoying is, of course, ice cream! Currently, my favorite flavor from the Dreyers line is the Drumstick inspired one. It is divine. It's a vanilla ice cream that's got chocolate swirls in it, which makes the vanilla not too potent and at the appropriate level of sweetness. Inside the ice cream are chunks of wafer-like bits and chocolate covered peanuts. Man, is it good. This is one of the only ice creams with chewy additions that I will happily devour and could, possibly, finish in one sitting. Ice cream is a dangerous territory...


Speaking of ice cream, I'm getting serious about my weight and getting toned. Besides chowing on my favorite vegetables, brocolli and cucumbers (yum), I've been trying out this 30-day yoga challenge which is super relaxing and really great for beginners like me. I've been wanting to get into Pilates and/or yoga for some time. Blogilates is a goal but still a difficult for me so I'm just slowly easing into it. If you want to try it out, the video linked is Day 1 of the challenge. Let's get rid of stress, flab, and negative energy together! Woo!


I've also been reading a bunch lately and I enjoy the "Ivy Series" written by Lauren Kunze. The series revolves around Callie Andrews, the main character who, upon her arrival on move-in day, falls into a storm of drama, gossip, and popularity within the social caste of Harvard undergraduates. From then on, Callie and her roommates party it up while surviving the brutal atmosphere and onslaughts of bitchiness and boy problems. 

If it sounds super tacky and totally teenager novel-esque to you, well, it is. I always gravitate towards the teen section at my local library and secretly find guilty pleasure in reading these kinds of books (hehe). Woops, not so secret anymore. Tackiness aside, I do plan to start checking out more nonfiction and contemporary novels though. I'm not all bad taste in books, I promise! Haha.

So that's all in my very chill life favorites. What're your favorite reads, foods, and media? 

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  1. I love Yoga with Adrienne! I keep meaning to follow along her 30 day yoga plan but I am following Blogilates right now and I don't want to mess with that. I might see about doing it next month!

    1. Yeah, Adrienne's really great! I love how wonderful both instructors are in respect to their fortes. Cassie's super upbeat and bubbly which is perfect for Pilates, and Adrienne is composed and calm which really helps with the relaxation part of yoga. I'm going to try out Blogilates after this yoga challenge. I would love to know how your progress is with Blogilates! :) Fitness buddies, huzzah!