Mini Haul!

Howdy! I went shopping the other day and thought I'd pop by and post a really quick haul before I head up to NorCal in T-minus two hours.

I don't go swimming much, but the fact that my family and I will be staying at hotels and that the hotels have pools--well, that's incentive enough for me to get a new swimsuit, haha. I think the last time I shopped for one was back in... 7th grade? Clearly, it's time for a change!

The swimsuit was purchased at my local Target, which surprisingly had a rather good selection to choose from. I had scoured the mall prior to shopping at Target and couldn't find much. Can we take a moment and just talk about how all bathing suit tops at the mall (or at least the shops I went into) seem to fit better for girls with reasonably sized bosoms? I could hardly find a top that properly fits a member of the I.B.T.C (Itty Bitty Titty Committee) aka this girl right here. But it's all good because Target got my back (literally)!

The swimsuit gives off a very sporty feel. I think I chose it because I was inspired by all of the Nike and Adidas clothing posts that I follow on social media. I find that whenever I go shopping, rare as it is, I tend to buy versatile things that I know I can use over and over--the basics/classics if you will. This B&W suit seems to fit that criteria well. It's plain, but modest and I find that rather elegant! Simplicity at its finest.

Of course, I also had to drop by the cosmetics section of Target and decided to pick up this lipstick from Wet n' Wild. There's something super therapeutic about roaming aisles filled with makeup. It feels almost like being in a sanctuary, getting away from the rest of the world and immersing myself into Cosmetics Paradise, haha. But stay too long and I might just find myself stuck in Ogygia. No, Calypso, no! Ahem, anyways.

I have quite a collection of Wet n' Wild lipsticks. They are ridiculously inexpensive and provide such opaque pigmentation! It's actually quite synonymous to a crayon--what you see is what you get. That's how on point the colors are. They are, however, quite drying (due to the matte texture) and need a well moisturized base to apply on to. Their lasting power is also commendable and I really appreciate this lipstick line!

This shade (24 Carrot Gold) is a tad more red in the photos than it is in real life. It's more of a slightly fluorescent orange-y, coral color (heavy on the orange). Super pretty! I'm super elated about this lipstick and find this fun, light color to be the perfect summer lip. In an upcoming post, I might do a lipstick collection and post swatches then. 

So that's it for my tiny haul! Now, I'm loading our bags into the SUV and getting ready to buckle up for a 7-hour drive. I've never been to the bay area before and I'm super excited. See you guys soon!

What items have you bought/rediscovered recently that you've been loving? 

xoxo, Evon


  1. Have fun in Norcal! That bikini is really cute :) I literally bought three dresses at three different stores today, so I think I need to go on a spending ban for a while, haha. x


    1. Thanks, Emily! Norcal was amazing, gah so pretty! I understand the hype now. Also, I'm in the same situation. Whenever I go shopping, I tend to just splurge, haha. Hey, you hear what they say: go big or go home!

  2. This is such a lovely bikini! I love how simple yet chic it is! A pool essential for sure! xx
    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock

  3. That bikini is so gorgeous :D
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm following you now ^_^ Look forward to staying in touch xx

    1. Ahh, thank you so much, Rachel! Yes, let's keep in touch ♥

  4. Nice Inspirations

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