Humble Potato + Getty Villa

Usually around this time of year, my first thoughts would be dread for the imminent school year. This particular year, however, I'm woebegone not by the thought of homework and teachers but by the impending absence of close friends and high school memories. College is upon us! To preface the inevitable episodes of "good byes" and tears, I'm determined to hang out with all my high school buds as one last chapter for the books. 

I spent last Saturday with the gals whom I met in my first moments in high school: Fion, Kimberly, and Michelle. We decided to venture into Los Angeles and visit the Getty Villa. But first, food. 

Humble Potato

Humble Potato is a hole-in-the-wall kind of food venue, located on the side of the street of Lincoln Boulevard. Thankfully, there is an open parking lot next to the building so finding a spot won't be too much of a problem. The exterior is as cute as the interior! Hand-drawn illustrations don the window panes and the doodles represent the adorableness of the restaurant's concept design. Inside, the walls are decked out with cute figurines of old-school Asian cartoons (Melody, Pikachu, Mario .etc.), as well as street-style decals and a suspended retro-looking bike. It's rather small on the inside, but the tight space gives a cozy feel.

We were one of the first customers to arrive and since it was our first time there, the menu looked daunting. Humble Potato is a fusion food place that wonderfully blends American and Japanese cuisines into a flavorful experience. With that in mind, items on the menu are centralized around burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and rice. Each of us decided to order one from each category.

I ordered the "sandwich" on the bottom left hand corner.
I ordered the "Tamago Sando" which is described as: Egg Sandwich, Cheddar melt, caramelized onion, fried egg, smoked bacon, hash-brown crisp, tomato, HP sauce (avocado optional).

I was a bit surprised by the appearance of the sandwich because it didn't look like a conventional one. The Tamago Sando looks super plain but appearance aside, girl let me tell you: the flavors and textures! Holy moly, the first bite was heavenly as was every other one 'til the end. The combination of the crispy hash-brown, soft glazed buns, sunny-side up eggs with a runny yolk, and moist tomato slices topped off with a savory smoked bacon is so worth the $7.41 and more. The taste was really interesting because I was first hit by the crispy texture of the hash brown, then the warm, liquid-y feel of the yolk subsequently followed by the sponginess of the buns. All flavors are sealed with the crispy, savory bacon strips that just tops off every bite like a cherry on top. Because of the unique taste experience, I would say this burger/sandwich hybrid is, hands-down, the best one I've eaten so far. Gosh, just thinking about it makes me drool incessantly. So delicious.

Though the orders took a good 5-10 minutes to get to our table, the customer service was great and the food was super fresh. The place quickly filled up by the time we finished our meals--and for good reason too. Humble Potato is worth stopping by for their exquisite burger fusions. I really recommend it!

After that enjoyable food adventure, we drove out to the Getty Villa and just drank in the sun, beautiful artifacts, and gorgeous gardens and art.

Getty Villa

bringing sexy back. 

It was such a great day to be promenading around LA and I'm so happy that I was able to spend the day with these girls! Out of all the things seen at the Getty Villa, I think we were all super impressed by how cleanly cut the hedges were, haha. I mean look at those corners and edges! The gardeners did a great job.

But it was also just really relaxing to fall into the world of the past. Something about museums and hushed voices among the exhibits gives a calming ambiance. I'm starting to appreciate history more and more. Seeing things outside of textbooks does wonders.

On our way home! That LA traffic though...
And with that one last selfie, we drove back home. Thanks LA for the sunshine and the great day. 

A blessed girl,


  1. I think I took the exact same photo of the Getty Villa haha! I loved it there as well, pity there wasn't any water in the fountains, it would have been even more beautiful then! Going to museums and historical sites definitely beats textbook reading any day!

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  2. It sounds like you had such a wonderful day, Getty Villa is beautiful!

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