How to be your own Social Media Manager

Social media is everywhere and I'm just learning how to grasp the ropes of this rowdy horse!

I have always maintained my personal accounts, posting semi-regularly as a means for documenting memorable moments. But I hadn't really thought of pursuing social media as a career until recently. As of now, I am in charge of all the social media accounts for three organizations for school. This includes managing, regulating, content-creating, and posting for three Facebook pages/events, Twitter, Instagram, websites, and (occasionally) Snap-chat accounts. If that sounds hectic, trust me, it is. But with a year of doing this under my belt, I've acquired a few tips and tricks that I've found helped ease the load!

The first thing is time management, particularly for scheduling posts. There is only so much time in the day to get school, meetings, work, and food done, let alone manage social media accounts full-time. This means planning posts and content ahead of schedule so that I don't have to awkwardly post a Facebook update in the middle of a work meeting. Check out Buffer or Hootsuite, social media account manager platforms. I personally prefer Buffer for its streamlined and easy-to-use interface but Hootsuite works just as well. Buffer helps to queue posts (up to years ahead) for multiple accounts all free of charge. This has saved me so much time and stress by filling up my queue every Sunday night for the week and I highly recommend it for saving you more time to content-create and manage other details. Speaking of time, knowing when to post is crucial for garnering more views and an audience. For Twitter, it's best to keep it professional and post in the early mornings before noon (on weekdays). For Facebook, the millenial population is more active near the evening time. And Instagram is an ongoing maintenance--thankful for InstaStories!

The next component is content-creating. There are tons of advice that social media is basically all visual, and I partially agree. Eye-catching and well-designed graphics are essential to more views, and having the ability to create that original content is vital. For advice on what programs I use for graphic design, check out my blog post here. Besides graphics, when posting texts be sure to be succinct, alluring, and informational! This is especially important for advertising events. Other than that, the world is your oyster--take the content by the horns and be creative! The more non-mundane your content is, the better you'll garner an audience (as social media is largely word-of-mouth).

And lastly, be responsive and alert. Understand the culture and media around you and what is "hot" in the now. Catch onto trends quickly and hop off when they're no longer in. Figure out who your audience is and hone in on appeasing their needs and wants. For this, I would say follow large media outlets that pertains to your purpose. For example, I was managing the Twitter for a concert venue. To gain some inspiration for my posts, I followed Staples Center and used them as an example when creating my posts (such as visuals, verbiage .etc.). This really helps drive your creative mind and highlights what might be a better way to present your client.

These are all the main advice that I've picked up along the way of managing multiple social media accounts. Most of these tips you can pick up whilst riding that horse by yourself or you can look up in multiple online articles. To learn about a specific skill in-depth, there are multiple sources on the internet but I'm here to let you know what worked for me! I hope this helps and I wish you all the success, creativity, and timeliness to your social media management!


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