Build Your Brand

I've figured out what I want to do. I want to build my own image, own and manage a business, and instruct and help others on their professional journey--I want to build my own brand.

Nowadays, brand building seems to flourish off of word-of-mouth which mostly means successful social media presence--and I get it. The more followers/subscribers one has, the more popular. But it's not as easy as posting something and hoping that it'll randomly and surprisingly blow up out of nowhere. Rather, building a brand takes consistency, perseverance, time, care, and constant maintenance. Nurturing a company is crucial to its success and this includes a variety of components.

I interned at a fairly new company last summer. It was a small PR firm located in the alleys of the fashion district of Downtown Los Angeles, and I learned a lot. I learned that a go-getter and strong, sturdy attitude is one that protects opponents and those attempting to steal, manipulate, and trick your work and business. I learned that weekly meetings are extremely inspiring, productive, and essential in prioritizing work. Kindness, compassion, and friendly rapport keeps the energy alive and thriving in a work environment. Girl power exercised and practiced lights a flame ready to take on anything. I learned that hard work, like really getting down-and-dirty for a couple years (if that's what it takes or more), is truly an experience to treasure but also despise because you'll learn a lot (even though it's not the most desirable way). And I've learned that all of this takes so much time to build--that something truly successful and foundational does not just arise overnight but through years of networking, chasing dreams, and working.

So this isn't a typical step-by-step article instructing you on how to build a brand. Rather, I speak in vague terms that capture pivotal moments in my internship (and continuing experiences) and remind me to be patient and understanding and determined. Building a brand sounds easy, but I'm still learning and will continue to strive to make my name known and to cherish those certain experiences that allow this to happen.

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