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Throughout my expedition to create the best graphics (for my perfectionist eye), I've struggled to find programs that are free, easy to learn, and easy to use. By now, I think I've found the one that satisfies all criteria--Adobe Illustrator CC. But obviously, right? It's a paid subscription service and provides the most professional use. For those who don't have the budget to splurge on a design program such as Adobe, I've got your back! Below, I've listed some of the design software I've encountered and acquired throughout my journey that I hope you find helpful and applicable for you!

1. Canva (FREE)

Canva is great for creating banners for event pages, promotional material, or presentations! It is free of charge (with a user registration), but I wouldn't say the resolution is the best--this is a good substitute for a quick graphic. It's used through a browser so no download is necessary (other than for the graphic itself).

2. Aviary (FREE)

Aviary was one the first online browser design program I ever used! This is free (other than an online registration) and it's evolved to more of a photo editing software. However, I've used Aviary for video-editing, audio-editing, graphic-making and much more--it's that versatile. 

3. Photoscape (FREE)

Photoscape is one of my favorites among this list. It's not exactly the most eye-candy software you'll lay your eyes on or work with but it's very functional and provides all the basics. It's mostly a photo-editing software; however, there are elements to create a simple graphic! It's a free download with no sign-up necessary. I've edited countless photos with this (with the many filters, borders, and sharpening elements) and can vouch that this software is very reliable. 

4. Vectr (FREE)

Vectr is a program I accidentally stumbled upon while browsing for free software. I personally have not used it but the results look promising. It definitely imitates the look of Adobe Illustrator and Canva but is a severely stripped-down version. Options look limited but it looks like the given templates are customizable and it's a free download (no sign-up necessary!).

5. Adobe Illustrator CC ($29.99/month)

At last, we've arrived at my favorite! The largest downside would be its price point (about $30 per month). However, Adobe Illustrator is the tool of professionals and provides the most options and versatility. The possibilities are endless but the learning curve is a little steep for the average beginner. If you are serious about pursuing graphic design, I highly suggest investing in this program and get it under your belt!

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